Ann by the Bed: Emily Carroll’s Return to Horror

Ann by the Bed: Emily Carroll's Return to Horror

Just a week shy of Halloween the temptress of indie horror comics, Emily Carroll, graces us with a sneak peek at her new title, Ann by the Bed.

Youth in Decline will publish this new story that centers on the bloody murder of Ann Herron and the frightening legacy that persists to this day in Ontario, Canada. The author of Through the Woods has already proven her skill at immersing the reader into her macabre worlds and then push them into the unknown, so it will be interesting to see where she scares us next.

Her new story spans 32 pages and will be sold as the sixth book in the Frontier series, a monograph collection by various authors including Ping Zhu and Sascha Hommer. You can pre-order the book for $8 USD here.

After watching the images I feel like a voyeur squatting behind a bush, looking at stuff that I shouldn’t be. Creepy, I know.

Ann by the Bed: Emily Carroll's Return to Horror

Ann by the Bed: El Regreso al Horror de Emily Carroll

Por Luis Landero

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