Becky Cloonan and Panama

Becky Cloonan and Panama

Becky Cloonan is not just an artist I’ve been following for more than 10 years, but also one of few comics creators I keep promoting whenever I talk about funny books with friends.

Years ago I had a conversation with my good friend Butter in which I mentioned Cloonan as an inspiration and the guy was basically flabbergasted and fell in love with her work.

Since the, Butter and Becky have had funny exchanges on Twitter every now and then and I’m positive my Panamanian friend had some involvement in Cloonan making this awesome mini comic.

Today I stumbled upon this image while looking for information on her new comic set in the Batverse and although everyone knows (or should know) this jam by Van Halen, I hope you know why I share this image.

Viva Panamá, carajo.


Por Luis Landero

Sigue vivo. Creador de Astromono y otros proyectos varios sin terminar. Amante de la mostaza, los pancakes y viajar.

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