Lara Margarida Takes Superman and Co. on a Trip to Lisbon

Lara Margarida Takes Superman and Co. on a Trip to Lisbon

Lara Margarida, is a Portuguese artist who has started a series of illustrations putting DC Comics superheroes in photos she took while visiting Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and they look beautiful. 

Margarida is currently illustrating for video games and indie comics out of her London hideout, with an impressive body of work in her portfolio. Her style with big eyes and clear lightning seem pulled straight out of a tradicional Disney animated film and I’m totally digging her thoughtful use of angles and facial expressions.

With all the talk I do about travel on this blog, my favorite of the bunch has to be Diana’s, because the artist included a brief description of the statue in the photo and thus turned the still into a short story. I can dig that.

This small gallery has only some of her most recent work, but you are sure to find many more pretty things in her portfolio and tumblr. Here’s hoping The Flash and Batman get to visit Portugal soon too.

Por Luis Landero

Sigue vivo. Creador de Astromono y otros proyectos varios sin terminar. Amante de la mostaza, los pancakes y viajar.

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