Tasty Artist • Sam Bosma

I wanna preach to you today, brothers and sisters, about illustrator and comics creator, Sam Bosma. Come closer, dammit!

If you’ve watched an episode of Steven Universe then I don’t think you could’ve escaped seeing Bosma’s work in the various background designs he’s made for the show, but the American illustrator has also worked for clients like Scholastic, The New Yorker and Adweek to name a few.

His style resonates well with me because it’s original and his lines don’t seem forced to the point of perfection. He basically seems to draw however he likes and he makes it look amazing. His use of color is also very diverse, specially when working with mystical fantasy characters. Check some more of his work below:

Por Luis Landero

Sigue vivo. Creador de Astromono y otros proyectos varios sin terminar. Amante de la mostaza, los pancakes y viajar.

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